For more information on how you can be a partner in this exciting network group, contact our office 24/7 at 724-873-7777. We would like to set up breakfast, lunch or cocktails to talk about helping you with your business.  Membership is $225 annually and includes membership in the Southpointe Chamber.  go to

Welcome to the Washington County Business Association.  This organizations is a spinoff of the Southpointe Chamber of Commerce.  This Washington County organization focuses on Shale Energy companies and related businesses.  We all know that every business from real estate, transportation, hospitality, catering, restaurants, car dealers and retail support the energy industry. Our mission is to help grow your business in our area.  Schedule  an interview, usually over breakfast, lunch or coffee/cocktails.  We can help you build a marketing plan that fits your resources and timeline.  Call 724-873-77777 now for an appointment to help start this process. 

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Don realized that opportunities to network go beyond the borders of Southpointe.  The entire Washington County has been effected by the Shale gas/oil alternate energy industry.  Many shale related businesses are located throughout Washington County and the Tri-stte area.  It is our mission to connect your business with as many as possible.  The Washignton County Business Association will prove to be a fresh approach by using our advanced technical media with our video channel, online publications, email newsletter, tradeshows, seminars, workshops and more.  We look forward to meeting all of you.  Don Stated,  "Call, schedule breakfast, lunch or cocktails - we sincerely want to know you and your business goals.  724-873-7777